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How to Ollie

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  1. Go at a normal speed. Not too fast when you are learning it, but not too slow either. Speed is important for distance and makes it easier to make the board stick to your feet.

  2. Relax your body as much as possible.

  3. Place the entire front foot flat just a few inches behind the front truck's bolts. The front foot is used for steering the board as you ride.

  4. Place the toes of the back foot centered at the end of the tail.

  5. Crouch and jump straight up with your back foot only, the tail should hit the floor fast and with a loud pop. Suck your front foot up to get it out of the way and let the board rise vertically.

  6. Once you've sucked both legs up as much as possible, level the board horizontally by using the outer side of your front foot. The key is to loosen your ankle and keep your whole body relaxed. You cannot force an ollie, just like you cannot force a golf swing or anything that requires precision (archery, darts, shooting a basketball, pool, etc). You will know when you are ollieing correctly when you start getting holes on the outer front side of your front shoe and your shoe laces rip all the time.

  7. Come down naturally, don't push the board down and aim to have both feet on top of the truck's bolts.

  8. Once you hit the ground, absorb the impact by bending both legs slightly.

  9. Now here is the real secret: You must execute all these steps without thinking. Practice over and over until all these steps happen as a single motion due to muscle memory.

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