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How to Ollie Blunt to Fakie

Ollie Blunt to Fakie
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Ollie Blunt to Fakie
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  1. Make sure you are already comfortable with rock'n rolls and ollies to fakie.

  2. Relax your body as much as possible.

  3. Go up the transition slightly faster than you would for a rock'n roll with both feet flat on the board. The back foot in the middle of the tail, and the front foot just on top of the front truck's bolts.

  4. Maintain the board in almost vertical position and clear all four wheels past the coping. Your back leg should be nearly straight while your bent front leg and toes control the board.

  5. Do not turn your body or your head. Let the board come to a full stop by letting the coping hit the tail. Remain facing straight off to your side.

  6. Very quickly, before you have any chance to get scared and change your mind, pop an ollie towards the inside of the ramp to get all four wheels back into the ramp.

  7. Once you see that the front wheels have cleared the coping on the way down, push the board with both feet to land against the transition.

  8. Bend both legs slightly to absorb some of the impact.

  9. This trick is really not that difficult but it might take some time for you to get over the potential mental block of a dangerous hangup. All I can say is to keep your body straight at all times. If you turn even just your head your body will probably follow and you will slam really hard. Once you've learned this trick, try to perfect it by landing increasingly closer to the coping.

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