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How to Assemble a Skateboard

This tutorial assumes you have all the necessary skateboard components and have already "griptaped" your deck. If you haven't, please check out our griptape installation tutorial first.

This whole process should take you about 10-15 minutes.

Step 1 - Gather Your Skateboard Components:

Skateboard Parts
You will need tools, 2 trucks, 8 bearings, 4 wheels, a hardware set (8 1in. bolts and 8 nuts), and a gripped deck. 4 Spacers and 8 washers are optional but highly recommended to ensure maximum speed.

Step 2 - Assembling the Wheels:

Truck with washer, bearing, and spacer
The easiest way to set the bearings into the wheels is to use the trucks for leverage. Place one washer and one bearing on the axle...

hand pushing a wheel into a bearing
Now push the wheel into the axle until the bearing is completely inserted.

inserting the other bearing
Remove the wheel and repeat the above procedure to insert the bearing on the other side of the wheel. Make sure the protective cover of both bearings are left facing the outside. This helps to protect the bearings against dirt and moisture. If you have a bearing spacer, don't forget to leave it inside the wheel between both bearings.

place a washer and an axle nut
Place a washer between the bearing and the axle nut.

tighten clockwise
Use a tool with a 13MM socket to tighten the axle nut clockwise. Do not over tighten otherwise the wheels will not turn freely.

two assembled trucks
Repeat the steps above to assemble the rest of the wheels. This is what you will end up with.

Step 3 - Mounting the Trucks:

gripped deck and hardware
Gather your deck and hardware set.

installing the hardware
With the griptape side up, place 4 bolts in the holes of either the nose or tail of the board.

mounting a truck
Turn the board around and place one truck on the bolts. Make sure the kingpin is left facing the "inside" of the board.

insert the hardware nuts
Insert the small nuts on each bolt and tighten clockwise with a 10MM socket tool.

tighten all the nuts
You may need to hold the bolts on griptape side with a phillips screwdriver to prevent them from turning. Tighten all nuts until the truck is firmly secured. Make sure not to over tighten, since the bolts can break or penetrate the board.

assembled skateboard
Repeat the above procedure to mount the other truck. Make sure to mount the trucks with the kingpins facing inward like the picture above!


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