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Free Skateboard Ramp Plans

I was thinking about making some ramp plans to distribute for free through the website, but then I came across Hecker Magazine's website and found a bunch of original Powell Peralta ramp plans being distributed freely. So why reinvent the wheel?!?! These ramp plan scans are nostagic of the Powell days and they should be a treat to old school skaters.

On their website, Hecker says that anyone can distribute these freely, so I guess the plans are not copyrighted. You too can copy these ramp plans and distribute them on your website if you wish. Or, you can make a link from your site to this page ;-)

These ramp plan pictures should be self explanatory. If you have problems with the metric system, you can use to convert the measurements. - M-Ed.

Fun Box Overview
Funbox A - 24K
Funbox B - 28K
Funbox C - 33K
Funbox D - 32K
Funbox E - 28K
Funbox F - 23K
Pyramid Overview - 20K
Pyramid A (same as Funbox A) - 24K
Pyramid B (same as Funbox B) - 28K
Pyramid C - 25K
Launch Ramp - 33K

1/2 Pipe Overview - 19K
Halfpipe Detail - 34K
Transition Specs - 18K
Coping Detail - 24K
Drop In - 29K

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